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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  February 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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lots of sunshine and those temperatures soared yesterday into the 70s. but today, we are on the way down. temperatures will be much cooler. we have morning rain out there once again. but sunshine galore sounds like an appetizer. it will be coming up as we go through tomorrow. and then it will be half-and- half for the weekend. let's talk about what's going on right now on maryland's most
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powerful radar. because we can see the rain pushing in across the area. we can see it moving into baltimore as of now. you're heaviest rain moving through rock hall at this time moving towards churchill and chestertown. lake shore getting in on the action as well. if your travels take you into dc be aware of that around alexandria. more of the same into silver spring and rockville and waldorf. i talk about visibilities and we will talk when the rain will end. that's coming up but now a check the traffic with and l.a. is it affect -- angela. is it affecting the roads? >> reporter: we are doing pretty good. dealing a couple work zones. overnight construction going on. 95 and 895 a especially 95 at the tidings bridge we have taken out two lanes in both directions. traveling on the harrisburg expressway, looking pretty good. at shawan road, the north view is clear with no delays. and if your early travels include a trip around baltimore
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beltway. here's west side 695 at baltimore national pike. remember to follow me all morning on twitter at maryland traffic. back over to you megan and charley. new information aboutpromosed move of a grade level of-- proposed move of a grade level out of a school. the school officials are reviewing their options and several parents are enraged. >> reporter: they are very concerned. right now we are in front of west towson elementary school. and just a few feet away, maybe about 30 feet away, there's ruxton school. this fall, baltimore county school officials plan to move the 4th grade class from west towson elementary into the ridge ruxton school building. west towson opened in the fall of 2010. it's overcrowded and county officials say it will get much worse. pages from ridge ruxton a school for children with special needs are concerned about the impact op that
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school. school officials say a larger multistory building for west towson would not have been possible. >> our littlest and youngest student need to be able to evacuate and having a multistory structure presents a challenge sometimes. >> reporter: school officials say because there are so many concerns, they actually plan to have another public meeting to talk about this a little further with parents. and they plan to have the meeting next week. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. we are following the story at click on the slide show and read more also hear reaction from parents on what's proving to be a very touchy subject. megan. news time is 4:33. and this morning the trial is set to begin for the annapolis man accused of a big time paving scheme. we are following this story and we have been following it for months. linda so is here with what's expected today. linda. >> reporter: in just a few hours at 8:45, the trial will begin in glen burnie for tommy
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clack tried on three criminal cases. he was a no show in court in a hearing brought by the attorney general's office. agency claims he was operating apaving business without a license for 284 days in maryland. he is accused of offering no estimates or low balling customers and then overcharging them. the state says at least 16 people were hit in the paving scheme some charged as much as 20 to 30,000 dollars. >> this cannot be and i looked over at my husband standing and he was shaking his head. and i was so stuped, it was crushing. >> reporter: -- stunned, it was crushing. >> reporter: if clack doesn't show up, the case will move on without him and an administrative hearing judge will issue a decision in the future. the trial begins at 8:45 this morning. linda so, abc2 news. >> 4:37. and the same sex marriage issue not only big here in maryland but other states as
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well. we learn washington state, the senate passed a bill legalizing same sex marriage and it's a step seen by supporters a critical hurdle for legislative approval even as the threat of a ballot challenge lomes. they promise a referendum battle if necessary. today maryland comptroller will meet with students to talk about financial responsibility. he will help celebrate the new bank branch of the school and he will swing by baltimore city today. everything these days is caught on tape. no doubt about it. and there are scenes like this one that make us pause and look what the faa says the police cruiser caught on camera. plus, texting and driving is a big no no in maryland. what some people are doing when they text in the rest room. we have details on that and we will tell you all about it.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. according to one very important study, a lot of you are texting on the toilet not the same as texting and driving. >> # 5% of people -- 75% of people admitted to texting while on the can and thankfully we toapt have video in action. >> you can drop or lose a phone that way. one in five men admit to taking it a step further by phoning into business meetings from the bathroom and ladies, 13% of us owned up to joining conference calls from the can. >> you do it? >> no. >> no. >> whatever charley i do not believe you. >> okay. >> i agree because one in five i think is probably more. i bet you. >> you know. >> charley. >> i carry my ipad with me everywhere i go and i've got my phone on my hip at all times.
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but no, i do not talk while take care of business. >> for some reason don't believe you. we will talk later more in depth about this. >> let's hope not. >> we share everything. we share everything. this is for you. >> not everything should be shared. >> all right. so we have visibility problems out there. reduced and especially over in east op you can see 3-mile visibility there and the fact is that we have some patchy fog around. more of the same to hagerstown and we need to get to the tens heading into virginia, culpepper is dealing with reducedvisibility as well. with you let's -- but let's talk about the rain. we can see a big shield of rain to the south of baltimore as of now. we can zoom in on some of the areas around rock hall and more of the same in lake shore and severna park and arnold and annapolis. and if your travels take you to the south, we are going to be dealing with some heavier rain this morning around white oak and silver spring and bowie.
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so i-95 that stretch is wet this morning. and it could be dangerous out there. so, speak of dangerous, let's get a check of the roads with angela right now. so, you know how rain always makes everything worse is that's what we are seeing. >> reporter: it does. and right now, we are not getting too many reports of accidents or incidents right now. but we are dealing with work zones. in addition to the usual overnight crews, we have got an extra crew on i-95 in the citytaking up a right southbound lane. as far as 95 heading south of the city, toward the capital beltway, we in good shape so far this morning. no reported incidents as you make the drive through howard county heading into pg county. 29 also a good route into pg county coming from i-706789 as you make your way past maryland 108, and another live look at 95. this is north of the city. north of that work zone we mentioned at maryland 43. no reported problems here. we are okay with very light volume. over to you. people in oklahoma and
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texas got a unexpected light show from wednesday night and caught on dash cam by police cruiseers. the left side of the screen see the ball moving across the sky. faa says it's meteor. people as far south as waco texas and north as oklahoma city reported seeing the flash of light. when you head to the doctor's office, you expect to be taken care of. an abc2 news investigation into a three part series into bad medicine. what we have uncovered we will tell you ahead. also a battle over child custody between illegals and an american couple. the judge who now has a community divided. 4:41, we are heading to break. live pictures of downtown baltimore. we will be right back.
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4:43. a deadline for epa administrator lisa jackson to
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clarify whether fracking is a effect. data could be deleted as soon as today. prosecutors blocked access to mega upload and charged 7 men sail the site stole millions of illegal down loads of music movies and additional contest. eric holder will appear before the house oversight committee on operation fast and furious today. this is a controversial operation where federal agents ran weapons that ended up in the hands of mexican drug runners. testimony on threats against the nation at the annual hearing. high-profile witnesses attend and will be testifying. this coming after the cia released its recent report about threats involving iran. a court date has been set for randy babbitt that's going to be today in virginia. the former faa boss resigned three days after police arrested him on a drunk driving charge near his suburban washington home. nbc2 news is work for you
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making sure doctors who take care of you are fit for the job. and tonight abc2 news investigators joce sterman brings you a look at a second part of a 3-part series known as bad medicine. >> reporter: ids it took a tragedy to get a baltimore county family -- family -- it took a tragedy to get a baltimore county family to ask questions. they lost a mother and wife following plastic surgery and learned shocking information about her surgeon years after the death. we brought you the first part of the 3-part looed into bad medicine in maryland introducing you to the andon family. janet died three days after the plastic surgery back in 2005. but it took years for the doctor who operated on her to finally be disciplined by the maryland board of physicians. >> you know time passes and you heal a little bit and things become a distant memory and five years later you get the
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thing from the physician. >> reporter: as we explained last night, lags in discipline put them in limbo for more than five years. but the case is not an exception. as part of the abc2 news investigation we have uncovered dozens of cases where doctor discipline was delayed big time of the how doctors facing serious allegations for everything from sexual misconduct to drug abuse even playing a role in the death of patients those doctors are allowed to continue to practice for months even years. that's tonight at 11 on abc2. i am joce sterman abc2 news. 4:46. abc2 continues to work for you. in few hours law makers willattend a hearing addressing better ways to protect people from being presumed dead and prevent id thieves from profiting off the information on deceased children. we will look at better ways to protect you and your family. the hearing comes on the hemes of an abc2 -- heels of an abc #
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investigation on grave mistakes. head of the social security administration has been called to the hearing. a story that we are following for you. it has a community divided. one little boy and his mother are at center of a raging debate about undocumented immigration. abc2 news corinne redman is standing by with more. >> reporter: this case centers around a judge in high sure that ruled because one mother was undocumented she put her son at risk when he took him out of her custody and placed up for adoption. mother who is a native of guatemala lost her after being arrested at federal immigration raid at a poultry plant. her son was adolt tonighted by a couple in missouri and she said no one could help her because she couldn't speak english. the judge who made the ruling said he terminated her legal rights because illegally smuggling herself into the country is not a lifestyle to provide stability for her child.
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the woman has now the the help of a -- the woman now has help of the immigration department. >> he starts crying and gets sad because he is not with me and i need him to be with me. >> we are creating a collateral consequence in which thousands of children are ripped away from their families with no real process for being reunited. >> reporter: one lawyer for the mexican and guatemalan government says the u.s. is sending an ugly message to latin americans just like this -- in custody case like this one. she is alive and grieving over the loss of her family.
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they were here illegally from pray zil. doctors told the -- brazil. doctors told the teen her family had been killed. >> she had a good reaction because she thought she thought it could be worse. it's a strange proprocess. >> there are concerns she would be -- process. >> there are concerns she would be key ported because she is here illegally but federal official say it won't happen. today is browned hog day. and -- groundhog day. and we will show outofficial website -- you the official website. go to and we will show you live pictures later on in the show. >> all right. a little friend punxsatawney phil groundhogs are considered rodents. if you were concerned or curious, they are a few other predictors out there around the country.
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but they pale in comparison to phil's ability to predict the remainder of winter and that's coming up this morning at 7:25. cue bill murray with a live shot coming up soon. or cue lynette charles. we don't need the road nt we have lynette. >> what do you want you wand winter? >> i feel -- rodent we have lynette. >> what do you guys want? you want winter. >> i love this weather. >> i like four seasons and so my wife is happy and if mom is happy everyone is happy. >> i posed the question on facebook and i will show you both scenarios and you can let me know which one you want. so, first we have punxsatawney phil here. he comes out and scratches him se himself and doesn't see his shadow. we see poof we like that -- see if we like that one or comes out and scratches himself and you can see he sees his shadow.
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he's out of here. we like that. imposing the question on facebook. let me know what you like and we will go from there. i will choose one and we will go with that in the morning until about 7:25. so, right now, temperatures coming in quite mild once again 50 degrees in baltimore. for today one swath of rain on us and we will get a break and this one is associated with the front that's going to pass through as we go through the afternoon. so this is the scenario on the weather pattern. this is going to slight through the area. behind it, high pressure is building in and that means that future trend is basically going to be pick up on mainly clear skies going through the evening into tomorrow. what a way to start the weekend. but we've a chance for wet weather to move in or the back part the latter part of the weekend. i am talking about sunday. but, today, that temperature
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right around 55 degrees. we say morning rain but i think that last batch of rain that i showed you might get out of here midday around noon and then things will start to clear out. tonight's temperatures coming in around 32 degrees. the clearing skies i was talking about. chilly at 32. and then by tomorrow, here's the forecast for you. 50 degrees mostly sunny and above average temperatures. i am going show you the seven- day forecast coming. but let's head over to angela right now. what do you think? six more weeks of winter or. >> reporter: no, i am fine. i don't need six more weeks of winter. i love the weather and while i do so far for the people who love snow better luck next year. we are fine with what we have. very fine conditions on the roads right now despite rain in the area. there's -- they have been moving along pretty good especially north from baltimore a nice and easy drive for you on i-83. be aware pf you -- you may -- aware you may run into patchy fog around the bay bridge.
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u.s. 50 at maryland 8 and, of course, if we have any traffic problems, i will update you on twitter. now over to you. time for a look that the day in black history month. alfred crown invited the ice cream scooper. it was a port of the -- the ice cream stuck to the spoon and so the 30-year-old received a patent with ice cream scooper february 2nd, 1897. when you think about sports you think of a friendly competition. >> yeah, but this is not so much. it turned deadly in egypt during a soccer match. what touched off the riot. also, cracking down on iran. the sanctions that country could be facing later this morning. and as we head to break, we are going to show you live pictures. rying in the philippines or set -- rising in the -- sunrising
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in the fipple peens or maybe setting -- philippines, or maybe setting there. we will be right back.
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we showed you a moment ago 84 degrees in the philippines. that's a live shot of moscow where it's 1. snow on the ground and frigid. don't want to be there. >> think about that if you want snow. >> all right. >> one degree. >> look at news around world 74 people are dead and dozens injured following a riot after a soccer mack in cairo. hundreds of fans rushed the field in a riot as police couldn't stop the fighting. fans why enraged after the home team lost to an opposing team. they have been unstable since the removal of hosni mubarak a year ago. possible sanctions against iran over the suspected nuclear threat. this meeting is also a part of the process for japan to decide how to reduce the iranian oil
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imports. they meet in to beingo. earlier this week the -- in toke o. earlier this week iran has been stepping up the spying tactics on the united states. a ferry carrying 350 people sank in the south pacific. it was found and the ferry was between two northern coastal towns when it sent out the distress signal. and no this is not mona lisa but a copy of the mona lisa. in fact, it's the earliest known copy of leonardo i did vinchy's paint -- da vinci's painting. it was hidden in layers during a restoration work on a picture thought to be a later replica of the mona lisa. now "good morning maryland." outrage this morning
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ovecomb n's decision to cut funding that could have provided breast exams. what happened in the last few hours in the heated debate. [ no audio from station ] a plan to help relieve overcrowding in baltimore county schools has some parents very concerned. i am sherrie johnson live with more on the proposed changes. and it's just a few minutes before five on this thursday, february 2nd, good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us, friday is almost here. you probably want to know about the weekend. we will start off with a check on your first forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. hey. >> hey. good morning. we are dealing with some rain again this morning. we had it yesterday, pu it turned out to be a awesome -- but it turned out to be an saw op day. light showers moving in around -- awesome day. light showers moving around the area today. wood lawn and elk ridge and
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ferndale and dundalk. we see heavier rain sliding to the south around shady side and we are basically seeing a shield of rain everywhere around laurel and not as heavy there but along i-95 and you have to get on the enterstates this morning, so --interstates this morning, so dicey weather. more of the same in d.c. we will be needing the rain gear as we head out and about. don't forget that. put that in the kids' backpack because you will need it. more temperatures coming up so don't go away. right now i need you to talk to angela because she has your traffic and your traffic is as important as my weather because it's little slick out there. >> reporter: that's right. slippery conditions so it wouldn't be a bad idea to give yourself extra time as you prepare to head out the door this morning. as far as incidents go, we had one reported in anne arundel county. heading towards the airport, at aviation and stoney run, police say they have it under control getting it out of the


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